Crisis Communications Management

A crisis can hit any company at any time – and can threaten an organization’s reputation faster today than ever before. We enable urgent management communication to all employees instantly, to reduce risk and minimize damage.

“We now see a much higher spike in readership of important messages. In one urgent message sent on a quiet Friday afternoon we saw an impressive 65% click-through making this as close to a silver bullet as you could wish for."
— Richard Donovan, Head of Internal Communications, at Experian UK&I

Information can inflame or dampen a crisis. It’s how you communicate that counts.

Enable corporate communication teams to get reliable crisis information instantly to all employees through a single platform, whether they’re office-based, deskless & disconnected, or remote.

Don’t rely on one channel

Use multiple channels, like email and Poppulo Mobile to rapidly send urgent communications to whoever needs to get them.Track what’s been read or not opened in real-time and take corrective action through resends, updates and instructions.

Kill rumors and create trust

Kill the circulation of non-essential information with Poppulo’s Blackout functionality. It ensures employees only get relevant and useful information during specific times, increasing clarity while minimizing overcommunication and misinformation.

Target and engage the right people

Some crisis communications have to reach all employees, others don’t. Our targeting capability lets you engage the people, sections, and geographies who need the information, without needlessly involving those who don’t.

Act fast with instant insights

Use our survey functionality to understand how your communications are resonating, both in business units and across the organization, with reports that can inform further actions.

Make your contact personal

Ease employee uncertainty in a time of crisis through personalized comms from trusted sources.

Save time with templates

Save valuable time with predefined email templates for greater speed, efficiency, and sign-off.

Sian Cargan, International Internal Communication Director, CDK Global

“Becoming a Poppulo customer has been a real game-changer for our employee communications. Poppulo has equipped us with the tools needed to deliver better internal comms campaigns that captivate employees.”

Sian Cargan, International Internal Communication Director, CDK Global

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