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How Top Universities Leverage Digital Signage for Success


 — June 25th, 2024

How Top Universities Leverage Digital Signage for Success

It might seem obvious to say that communication is at the core of university learning, but it goes way beyond that.

In the dynamic, vibrant world of a modern university campus, clear, coordinated, and impactful communication is essential to everything that happens in what are multi-layered and often complex organizational structures.

From essential wayfinding throughout campus and keeping students informed about upcoming events to instant security alerts, universities require highly effective tools to reach and engage their diverse, frequently dispersed audiences.

This is where digital signage literally stands out from the communications crowd, for both students and staff. It is rapidly transforming the way universities communicate with their internal audiences.

As some of the most progressive universities in the world can confirm, it’s an exceptionally powerful tool to enhance the student experience, streamline operations, and foster a more vibrant campus community.

Digital Signage Supercharged: Elevating Engagement with User-Generated Content

By utilizing high-definition displays with visually engaging content to deliver dynamic information in real-time, your comms can go far beyond the static posters and bulletin boards traditionally associated with university campuses—andit’s why many universitieshave made digital signage one of their key communication tools. 

The wide variety of ways digital signage can be effectively used in universities is evident from how the University of Calgary in Canada deployed Poppulo Harmony’s digital signage to streamline communications at its Taylor Family Digital Library, a six-story, 265,000 sq.ft. building housing over 600,00 books—and how the University of West Virginia used digital signage to enhance the student experience.

So, let’s dig a bit deeper into how top universities leverage digital signage.

1. Streamlined Communication and Information Sharing:

Digital signage allows universities to display a wealth of information in a clear and concise format:

  • Centralized Platform: Digital signage can be fully integrated into and managed through a single communication platform like Poppulo Harmony. This platform allows comms to be disseminated across multiple channels, including digital signage, email, mobile, and Enterprise Social Networks, reducing the need for multiple departments to create and distribute their own materials.
  • Targeted Content Delivery: Content can be scheduled to be displayed on specific screens in specific locations, allowing universities to deliver targeted messages to relevant audiences.
  • Event calendars and registration details: Students can stay updated on upcoming lectures, workshops, career fairs, and social events.
  • Course schedules and updates: Real-time updates and room changes can be displayed prominently, minimizing confusion.
  • Important announcements and deadlines: Financial aid information, campus closures, and registration deadlines can be easily communicated.
  • Departmental achievements and news: Faculty research breakthroughs and student awards can be highlighted, fostering a sense of community pride.
  • Transportation Information: Students can get real-time updates on campus shuttle schedules and public transportation options.

2. Enhanced Student Engagement and Experience:

Digital signage transcends information delivery and creates an interactive experience:

  • Directional signage and wayfinding: Dynamic directional maps can guide students and visitors around the campus efficiently.
  • Social media integration: Live feeds from university social media accounts can showcase campus life, student activities, and upcoming events.
  • Live campus news and sports updates: Scoreboards and live feeds can keep students engaged and informed about various campus sports and cultural events.
  • Interactive Content: Touchscreens allow students to interact with content, such as polls, surveys, and event sign-ups, fostering a greater sense of belonging and campus community.
  • Interactive Learning: Digital screens can be used for interactive lessons in classrooms and libraries, displaying multimedia content that enriches the learning process.
  • Dining Services: Menus, nutritional information, and special offers in dining halls and cafes can be displayed in an eye-catching way.
  • Health and Wellness: Displays can be used to promote health services, counseling, and wellness programs available on campus.
  • Promotion of Campus Services: The wide range of services that universities offer can be effectively promoted through digital signage.

3. Improved Safety and Operational Efficiency:

Digital signage streamlines campus operations and contributes to a safer environment:

  • Emergency alerts and critical information: Digital displays can be used to broadcast emergency alerts, evacuation instructions, or safety protocols in real-time, ensuring everyone is informed quickly and effectively during emergencies.
  • Display of safety procedures: Safety reminders, hazardous weather warnings, or first aid instructions can be displayed in high-traffic areas to promote a safe campus environment.
  • Crowd control and safety guidance: During events or crowded periods, digital signage can be used to guide people in an organized manner to prevent congestion and potential accidents.
  • Reduced administrative burden: Digital signage automates the process of displaying information, eliminating the need for manual updates and maintenance of printed materials.
  • Streamlined room booking and utilization: Interactive displays can show room availability and allow students to book study rooms or meeting spaces directly, minimizing scheduling conflicts and optimizing resource usage.

At Poppulo, we are constantly innovating and developing even more powerful and effective communication solutions. Our focus ondigital signage for the higher education sectorcan help you create an even more connected and informed university experience. If you would like to find out more about how Poppulocan helps transform communication at your university, we’d be delighted to help, and you can contact us here.

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