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6 steps to get the most out of employee pulse surveys

6 steps to get the most out of employee pulse surveys

About this Guide

Employee surveys have been getting a bad rap, with the annual all-employee poll getting beaten up most. But while the maligned, costly and cumbersome annual survey has been getting most of the flak, the star of the quick-fire and agile online pulse survey is shining brightly. It's easy to see why: they're easy and cheap to conduct, they don't alienate employees and feedback is instant, helping engagement and better business results.

But as internal communications measurement and survey expert Angela Sinickas emphasized in her Poppulo webinar, Getting the most out of surveys, just because you can conduct them easily doesn't mean you can do them correctly. Poorly phrased or framed questions, for example, are a recipe for inaccurate data and unreliable results.

In this guide you will learn how to use pulse surveys more effectively, to monitor employee sentiment and assess progress. We also look at how the recent development of Outcome Surveys has taken pulse surveys to a whole new level, demonstrating the effectiveness of communication campaigns in real time, for the first time.


  • How to craft pulse surveys
  • Get buy-in from employees
  • Conduct Outcome surveys for a game-changing result
  • How to increase participation
  • Share your insights and measurement


Kevin Ivers

Kevin Ivers

Communications Specialist