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7 Tips to better understand and engage your people

7 Tips to better understand and engage your people

About this Guide

Like never before, internal communicators have the technologies that provide the data we need to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time, and in the format employees want.

It enables us to get really rich insights into levels of engagement and we can target content dynamically to those audiences.

But with all this technology and access to all this people data, there has never been a greater need to personalize content and make it relevant to the people receiving it.

Because relevance is everything. If employees are getting comms that are not relevant to them they just don't want to know – and it undermines the credibility of the IC team.

These Top Tips, from Poppulo's webinar with Brilliant Ink's Ann Melinger and Jackie Berg: From data to insights: Using employee data to create more personal and measurable communications, shows how you can take advantage of technologies and people data to make your communications more effective.


Joanna Hall

Joanna Hall

Founder and Owner