Top Tips

Top Tips on turning challenges in Internal Communications into opportunities



  • Tim Vaughan
    Tim Vaughan

    Head of Content

Great internal communications have never been more important, but a good IC function takes a lot of work, dedication, agility and progression.

Ensuring your organization has a great internal communications function is not without its challenges. But what if we were to take these challenges, and not only find solutions, but create opportunities out of them?

In this tip sheet, derived from our webinar with Paul Barton, Principal Consultant of Paul Barton Communications, and Kris Pugsley, Senior Communications Manager for ON Semiconductor, you will learn how to develop opportunities from the following questions:

  • How can we show IC’s impact on the business?
  • What metrics do senior leaders most value?
  • How can you drive adoption of an ESN?
  • How to meet the increased need to have stronger internal branding?

If you would like to watch back on the webinar that was delivered by Paul and Kris, click here.