The Latest Trends in Leadership Communications


 — January 26th, 2015

The Latest Trends in Leadership Communications

No Longer Just Top Down, An Infographic

Did you know that the leadership communications crisis is deepening with only 1 in 5 people globally believing that leaders demonstrate effective leadership? Or that poor leadership costs companies money, with 61% of people boycotting or buying less from a company they believe to have poor leadership?

Effective leadership communication is not just a buzz phrase. It has a clear and critical impact on an organization bottom line.

In IBM’s recent Global CEO study on effective leadership communication, which polled almost two thousand CEOs worldwide found that senior leaders are aware and ready to face these new challenges. There is a clear move towards more impactful leadership communication strategies with senior leaders prioritizing the creation of more open and impactful connections with employees. They want to move to a less top-down controlled approach and provide more opportunities for collaboration across the organization and recognize that putting leadership communication strategies in place will help overcome these challenges.

In today's digital age, leaders must be good communicators. It is an essential element of employee engagement.

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