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The Secret to Employee Communications at Maximus

The Secret to Employee Communications at Maximus

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How does a global company operating in markets from the United States of America to Europe, Asia, and Australia, reach and communicate effectively with its 35,000 employees around the world?

How did it adapt to the additional challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

This FWI | Poppulo executive brief explores how the pandemic fundamentally changed how Maximus—the US-headquartered government services company—reaches its employees, and how it has evolved communication strategies against this background to successfully connect and engage its dispersed global workforce.

Together with Jared Curtis, Director of Corporate Communications at Maximus, we look at:

  • How leveraging email, mobile and digital signage is key to connecting its global employees
  • The top communication challenges at Maximus
  • Meeting your audience where they are
  • The critical role of analytics for effective employee communication


 Christine Kendall

Christine Kendall

Content Marketing Specialist