Campaign Reports

Overcome the challenges of measuring your campaigns across multiple channels. Easily track content across your organization’s email, mobile, and intranet channels.

Campaign reports across channels

Tag emails – or email articles – mobile, and intranet content as part of your digital campaign, and easily report on how your campaign content is being received across your main digital channels.

Segmentation & reach reports

Break your campaign results down and see what is happening at a business unit or department level, giving you a greater understanding of your employee campaign audience. Use these insights to improve your overall campaign strategy over time.

Monitor campaigns as they happen, take corrective action

Monitor your campaigns results as they happen, allowing you to amend or update your employee, content or channel strategy mid-campaign to ensure you achieve your campaign goals. Easily identify where your campaign is landing well and engaging with employees, and also identify areas where you may need to focus additional campaign resources.

Measuring internal communications metrics

Segment your campaign results to allow you to monitor your campaign as it progresses, and to adjust your campaign strategy, if required, to achieve your communication goals. Identify where in the organisation your campaign is landing well and engaging employees, and identify where most IC work and focus is required to achieve your campaign goals.

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