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Easy to use interactive email templates

We’re constantly developing new flexible templates that can be quickly created and easily updated – to generate stand-out emails in a crowded inbox.

Consistent branding

Our talented designers create on-brand, high-impact templates to engage your employees, making your communications more consistent and much more effective.

Interactive email design process

To make life easier, your account set-up includes design consultation with one of our talented email design team, ensuring you get the templates you need.

Mobile ready

Ensure your emails appear as intended, on all platforms, with mobile ready templates.

Full email testing

We work hard to ensure your email looks good everywhere. We rigorously test your email across multiple email clients and devices before your first send.

Email Template

Content email management

Give employees a superior email experience, using the best web and social media features, encouraging them to read and engage with more content.



Unlike traditional email, Poppulo allows you to start conversations with every email you send. Social media features encourage employees to interact with your social channels, continuing the conversation after the initial email.

Likes & Ratings

Likes, Comments, Ratings

Let employees know their opinion counts by empowering them to respond instantly with ‘likes’ and star ratings. Also allow them to start a conversation, while retaining overall control as moderator.



Embed videos in your email and see click rates soar by up to 300%. Employees simply click to watch content from inside the email and are instantly engaged.

Sending processes

Avoid pitfalls like email overload by managing send calendars and scheduling. Plan and collaborate on emails in one place and test and learn how to create the best internal emails for your organisation.


Email calendar

Communicators can view the team’s planned, scheduled and sent emails, making it easier to coordinate campaigns and ensure the right emails get to the right employees at the right time.

Test and review

The Test and Review feature allows you to get feedback from stakeholders and collaborate on content before the email goes out.

Scheduled sends

Schedule your email sends so they deliver automatically at a predetermined time. Pinpoint the best times for delivery to avoid busy periods where important emails might be ignored.

Subject line testing

Increase the number of employees opening your emails by experimenting with different subject lines. Test up to three and see which works best.

The Head of our Department recently commented that if all our suppliers were like Poppulo, our jobs would be ten times easier.

Matt Scott, Centrica
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