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Reach all your employees anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Connecting with all employees in a diversified workplace is a real problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Poppulo’s mobile app is a brilliantly simple solution to connect all employees to company news, wherever they work and whenever they want. It doesn’t matter if they’re on the road, the shop floor or a different office, chances are they’ll have their smartphone with them, so they never have to miss out on what they want and need to hear about, with an app that’s as smart as it’s useful. When combined with the power of Poppulo Email, you get the ultimate communication solution to engage your people.

Give employees the experience they expect

People get news and information when and where they want it in their personal lives, so why should they settle for anything less at work?

The answer is they won’t anymore and it’s why mobile is playing such a crucial role in employee experience.

It’s why Poppulo Mobile – with the combined power of Poppulo Email and Analytics – was built to enable targeted and relevant communication, at the right time and in the right format, to create the instantly immersive digital experience people have outside work.

And just like on their own news apps, they can either view the general company news feed or select topics they want to know about for a more personal employee experience.

A Forrester report expect the number of global smartphone subscribers to reach 3.8 billion by 2022 – 66% of world population. This is up from 21% in 2013.
Give employees the experience they expect

Dial up the dialogue and drive engagement

There’s no excuse for having employees feel they’re behind the curve on company news, or for giving them information that’s not relevant.

Poppulo mobile is packed with features designed to engage employees with news that involves and interests them – and that they can ‘like’, comment on, and share. All of which drives employee advocacy.

From the simple-to-use content editor tool with its ‘drag and drop’ functionality for images and attachments, to the ability of administrators to tailor content for specific audiences – every aspect of the app has been designed to make people feel involved, aligned to company goals and to drive engagement.

Dial up the dialogue and drive engagement

Get urgent communications out there instantly

It’s imperative that companies today can get urgent messages to their employees instantly.

Whether it’s crisis management, addressing an unexpected turn of events or making an important company announcement, Poppulo mobile enables instant messaging to any or all employees so they don’t have to hear about it first from outside the organization.

The app allows employees to receive push-notifications on their phones to read the urgent communication wherever they are.

Have you considered how to use this to your advantage? Pew Research Center states: 66% of people get news from both mobile & desktop. Of those, 56% prefer mobile & 42% desktop.
Get urgent communications out there instantly

At Poppulo, we create simple solutions to solve complex communication problems

Poppulo enables organizations to plan, target, publish, and measure the impact of their communications across multiple digital channels, all in one place.

From publishing monthly newsletters to instant mobile app updates, the optimization of town halls and assessing employee sentiment through pulse surveys – and getting crucial performance insights – the Poppulo platform is the most powerful force in global Employee Communications and Engagement.

What I value most about our relationship with Poppulo is their understanding of how IC works and what it takes to do IC well. So, when you marry that with really powerful software you have a winning combination.
— Richard Gera, GSK

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