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You are working blind unless you can measure the performance of your communications. Our email analytics help identify the most effective email content and the way different employee groups engage.

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Email Reports

Use easy-to-understand reports for real-time insights to identify employee groups that are most and least engaged. See how many employees open your emails, and whether they click through.


Metrics Dashboard

Get an instant snapshot of key performance results for every email sent, such as number of opens, most popular content and other channels visited

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Content Popularity

Find out what content your employees do and don’t respond to. Track content popularity and use these insights to inform your content strategy and employee targeting.

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Custom Reports

Layer employee data on top of email performance to identify trends that provide actionable insights. Identify and understand which employee groups are most and least engaged, and compare results by business unit, country or role.


Click Maps

View a heat map of employee click activity to make better informed decisions on how to boost visibility of important content.

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Platform Metrics

Gather important intelligence on how employees consume messages by analyzing the devices, email clients and browsers used by your audience.

Poppulo Insights

With cross-channel measurement, you can understand and improve the impact of your digital internal communications, and prove value to senior management.

Email Reports

With Poppulo Email Insights you can report on not only opens and clicks but content popularity though likes and comments as well as Enterprise level reporting.

Mobile Reports

Understand how your employees engage with your mobile app posts. Get the insights you need to drive its adoption, maximize the return on your investment, and make it a success for your organization.

Intranet Reports

Track the performance of communications on your intranet using industry-standard KPIs such as Visitors, Sessions, Page Views, Average Time on Page and more…

Content & Engagement Reports

Understand how content performs across your primary channels and use these insights to inform your content strategy.

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Poppulo shows us all our channels together – so we can see email metrics, intranet page views, Yammer activity.

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