How is Poppulo Email better than Outlook for internal communicators?

Our product is built to help you create and send more engaging employee emails, measure the results in greater detail, and improve your internal communications.

Poppulo dashboard

Reports at your fingertips

Access intuitive dashboards that give you real-time KPIs at a glance or dig down into more detailed reports for insights.

Beautiful emails

Grab attention with emails that look great on every device, from desktops to smartphones of all types. Create emails quickly and easily with branded templates designed for your organization.

Poppulo email vs. Outlook

Expert phone support

Expert phone support and advice

Our Customer Success team understands the needs and challenges of internal communicators.

Effortless planning

Avoid email overload by sharing the email plan calendar with your communications team. Make your communications timely and relevant.


Here are more ways why Poppulo Email sends Outlook packing

Interactive email

Interactive emails that get your employees to read

Keep your employees reading your emails for longer using our multi-page email newsletters. Poppulo Email provides readers the full interactivity of the web.

Real personalization

Real personalization, not just mail merge

Send a personalized version of the same email to every employee at the same time. Laser-target your content by characteristics such as job title, location, and more.

Embed rich media

Embed rich media

We live in the digital age, and your employees’ expectations are high. Meet those expectations by embedding rich media content like videos, podcasts, social features, and more.

Powerful collaboration

Powerful collaboration

In Outlook, you work alone. With Poppulo Email, your entire team can collaborate on emails to reduce workload, save time, and create better content.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

With Poppulo Email, you’re in perfect control. Everything you need at the tip of your fingers. Templates, data, distribution lists, content libraries, reports – it’s all here, under one roof.

User-friendly event management

Send invites, manage registrations, and gather feedback all in one place. Employees can instantly register for events and save the date in their calendar, all without leaving the email.

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